My name is Désirée Dümpel out of the Netherlands  and  since 1991 i m in the fitness industry.

  So i noticed very soon that's difficult  to find nice fitting clothes for training people.
  Thats the reason i  decided to  start a business under the name Deli - Wear in handmade 
  clothes in the year 2003. Its a  hard business certainlyduring the  current recession
But my heart is in the fitness industry and i want to please my cliënts with the best fitting 
  clothes possible.

  So Deli - Wear will be there 4 all your needs in the fitness  branche. 
I hope you will find what you are  looking for.



A view of the possibilities:

- posingsuits

- dance clothes

- fitnessclothes

- outerwear

- foodsupplements

- personal training/(online)coaching


If you cant find what you are looking for just contact here  

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